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Electric Gear Door Actuator for 70-120 size plane/jets  Sold as individual units

The Mini-Actuator helps add scale realism by making the gear doors operate separately from the retracts, and is designed to work with our Gear Door Sequencer (# ETA-101).

The servo-less Actuator for gear doors is a lightweight unit that is suited for electronic servo-less retract systems.   The Actuator comes with a 2mm pushrod and Swivel-ball link, and screw set. The pushrod can be changed for different lengths if required and the two 360 degree alloy mounting brackets will allow you to mount the Actuator in almost any position.

Operating Voltage: 4.8v-6v
Dimensions: 45mm* x 16mm x 16mm ( 2.5”* X 5/8” X 5/8”)  *Does not include push rod

Travel length/stroke: 16mm (5/8”)
Weight: 26g (.9 oz.)
Torque: 1.82kg / 4 pounds

   Operating speed: 5 sec.-no loading 4.8V / 4 sec. no loading/ 6V

 Our Servo-less Mini-Actuator is designed to be used with our Smart Gear Door Sequencer (# ET-MA-101).  It can operate in two modes.

Mode one is where the gear doors are open while gear are down and once the gear comes up, the doors close.

Mode two is where the gear doors are closed while the gears are down. Then upon operation of the retracts, the doors open, the gear comes up, then the doors close again.


 If your plane has a tricycle gear then you will need three Actuators and one Smart Gear Door Sequencer (#ET-MA-101).



Y-extension(s) to go from each gear Actuator to the gear door sequencer.

Servo extensions to reach from the sequencer to the Rx.




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