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E~Tracts - Tailwheels 1"


Metal Deluxe Version Electric Retractable Tailwheel
Add the realism of a functioning Electric Retractable Tailwheel
Fully machined from aluminum and completely assembled with lock nuts and screws.

Our E~TRACT Tailwheel is a completely self-contained retract that does not require any special box, air lines, complex linkages, or even extra servos. It simply needs to be bolted into place and plugged into the Y-harness. This allows pilots to use a single receiver channel to control all retract units.



Built in safety protection with auto-shutdown if landing gear becomes jammed
These are self contained units-no assembly required
Universal connectors plug into any radio system
Includes a wheel
C-N-C machined steering arm for either a pull-pull or push-rod

We offer 8 sizes of tailwheels from 1" to 3"


For added realism, all of our E~Tracts are compatible with our Gear Door Sequencer and Mini- Actuators to automatically open and close the gear doors.

Wheel Size: 1"

Speed: 5V:  5-seconds / 50-degrees

           6V:  4-seconds / 50-degrees

Amps: 5V: no loading: mA - with loading: mA
           6V: no loading: mA - with loading: mA

Weight: 42g / 1.5ozs

Size Retracted: 5.51" X 1.1" X 1.65" (L x W x H)

              140mm x 28mm x 42mm (L x W x H)

Size Extended: 5.31" X 1.1" X 3" (L x W x H)

              135mm x 28mm x 78mm (L x W x H)

NOTE: Some modifications to your plane may be necessary. 
These units may not be a simple drop in replacement.


Please Note: if you are using an UBEC as your power supply, the UBEC should be able to provide 5A of continuous power for these E~Tracts to work properly.

NOTE: Some modifications to your plane may be necessary.
These units may not be a simple drop in replacement.


E~Tracts - Tailwheels 1"
This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 22 April, 2014.
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