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Thank you all that helped support the US F3A Team to Switzerland bring home the gold again!

Will will continue fundraising (we haven't really stopped) for our 2015 US F3A Team (same team as 2013) with new shirts and stickers soon. In the meantime here are some 2015 Teams and old blogs of the 2013 and 2015 World Championships from around the world.


2015 F3A World Championship Website: 2015 F3A World Championships

2015 F3A World Championship Facebook: 2015 F3A World Championships FB

2015 Team USA Website: Team USA F3A

2015 Team USA Facebook: Team USA F3A FB

2015 Team Canada Website and Facebook: Team Canada F3A    Team Canada F3A FB

2015 Team South Africa Website, Facebook and Twitter: Team RSA F3A   Team RSA F3A FB    Team RSA F3A T

Team Columbia Blog: Team Colombia F3A Blog

Team Spain Facebook: Team Spain F3A FB

Team France Blog: Team France F3A Blog


2013 Team USA Blog: 2013 USA Team Blog


FAI World Blog:

Team USA
Team USA
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