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'Electro~Magnetic' Brakes - Mains

Shulman Aviation is proud to introduce to the market an

 Electric Magnectic Brake system

It's now clear the True Electric Braking System revolution is here!!! The Em~Brake System is replacing, and reshaping, the traditional pneumatic braking system.

Our Em~Brakes eliminate the need of any additional ‘pressurized air tanks operated by an expensive high torque servo,' or complicated ‘program module.' This will enable the consumer to have an easy installation, and better control on the distance of landing without adding a lot of flying weight.

Special features of our Em~Brakes:

- The Em~Brake system operates on an input voltage of 7.4 to 11.1 V. It can plug directly into the aircraft battery, or use an external battery.

- The larger Brake unit diameter provides enhanced braking power and a quicker reliable brake release.

- Brake adjustments are easily made by adjusting the 2-screws on the hub to increase or decrease the braking force.

- The control box plugs into an auxiliary port on the receiver. The leads from the wheel brakes connect to the control box, and the battery connects using a JST connector.

- Our ‘smart' controller will also shut down the brakes after 1 minute. The controller will smartly detect it, shut down the current to brake system and then automatically reset it to its normal function.

- This ‘auto-shut down' is designed to protect the magnetic coil and conserve your battery power.

- We carry a variety of sizes-both in wheel diameter and axles

- The axle and metal hub, made from high intensity pure steel, are machined as one unit with the highest grade C-N-C machines.

- We also incorporate a set of ‘Double' Ball Bearings on the axles-eliminating any unnecessary drag or binding.

- The tires are constructed of the same rubber that automobile tires are made of. This leads to improved traction upon landing and taxiing on the tarmac.

See one of our videos at:


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'Electro~Magnetic' Brakes - Mains
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 Em-Brake 1-3/4"Main   Em-Brake 1-3/4" {45-mm} Main Wheels   Em-Brake 1-3/4" {45-mm} Main Wheels   $199.99 
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 Em-Brake 2-1/2"Mains   Em-Brake 2-1/2" Main Wheels   Em-Brake 2-1/2" Main Wheels   $275.00 
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 Em-Brake 3"Mains   Em-Brake 3" Main Wheels   Em-Brake 3" Main Wheels   $295.00 
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 Em-Brake 3-1/4"Mains   Em-Brake 3-1/4" {82.55-mm} Main Wheels   Em-Brake 3-1/4" {82.55-mm} Main Wheels   $325.00 
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 Em-Brake 3-1/4"Mains   Em-Brake 3-1/4" {82.55-mm} Main Wheels   Em-Brake 3-1/4" {82.55-mm} Main Wheels   $375.00 
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 Pro-Controller   Pro-Controller   Pro-Controller   $79.99 
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 JST Switch   JST Switch   JST Switch   $12.00 
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Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 products) Result Pages:  1 
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